Experience the beauty and the wide
open spaces of the world’s oldest desert, on guided hiking and mountain bike trails, through the remote wilderness of the Namib.
Trans Namib Desert Trail
5 day guided hiking and mountain biking trail crossing the Namib Desert to the Atlantic Ocean.
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Swakop Moon Valley MTB Trail
2 day guided mountain biking trail through the hills and valleys of the moonlandscape.
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Diamond Desert Trail
4 day guided trail along the shores of the Namib Desert north of Lüderitz, trekking from Saddle Hill to Spencer Bay. 
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Hosting | Faces of the Namib
10 day guided unique desert expedition trekking along the Kuiseb river and across the never-ending sand dunes to the Atlantic ocean.
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In the planning | coming soon!
18 day guided hiking and adventure trip to discover the secrets of southern Namibia, as seen from a guide’s perspective.
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